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What is The Bigger Picture?

It is NOT your generic “secrets to success” book.


It is NOT a book that gives you shortcuts to live happily-ever-after - although it helps you take an easier path. 


It is NOT a book about how to manifest while sitting on your couch.

The Bigger Picture is a ROADMAP

This is not a book that will tell you the answers, but, if you apply what’s inside these pages, you will discover the answers that are BEST FOR YOU.


This IS a book about how ALL OF US have the answers within us, but need to ask ourselves the right questions in order to find our way towards the life we want to live.


If you’ve ever felt lost while going through a difficult transition, stuck with no clue on what to do next, or uncertain on what your bigger picture looks like…You need this book.

Hurry, This Offer Won't Last Long!

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Kyra Brown

"This book is the perfect breakdown of the steps to truly hold yourself accountable."

M Wooten Headshot.jpg
Michelle Wooten

"The Bigger Picture will offer so much perspective and help to people."

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Ivan Barclay

"The Bigger Picture walks students and adults..through a process in which they're equipped to use Social Emotional Learning to promote self-actualization."

Claim Your Copy of
The Bigger Picture

Using an interactive framework, I'll guide you through effective strategies on how to...
  • Align With Your Purpose

  • Create Healthy Relationships

  • Maintain Your Peace

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • And Much, Much, More

I'll even break down how to audit the areas of satisfaction in your life and create steps on actionable ways to move forward, while staying true to yourself. 

I keep it real. This book has what you need to hear. I just want to see you win. 

Like I mentioned, I never pretend to have all the answers, but I do speak from my experiences of feeling lost, unhappy, and not knowing what was next - to walking in my purpose as a nationally recognized speaker and mental health resource for young adults.  

Take The Next Step To Invest In Your Future Self!

"Authentic and intriguing."

"We knew we had to find a speaker that would connect with our children. Thankfully, because we attended a webinar where several speakers had experience in youth development, we were able to reach out to one that we thought would make a great impact. We invited Kam Phillips to our Supporting Learning Success Back to School workshop for the students during a Zoom meeting. His presentation was authentic and intriguing. He was relatable for our young audience and the parents enjoyed his presentation as much as the children."

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Kay Holiday

Family Engagement Coordinator

Rainbow Village Inc. - Transitional Housing

Inside This Transformational Book
Here Are A Few Gems We Give Away...

      Your values dictate your decisions. Your decisions form your process. Your process guides your journey. Your journey leads you to your vision. - pg. 12
This book helps establish guide rails to keep you on track towards your long-term aspirations.

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      Reflecting on your story not only has the ability to encourage you by remembering everything you’ve already conquered, but prepares you to uplift others who can relate to your past. - pg.26
In Chapter 2, I help you create a layout to articulate the ups and downs of your personal story.

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      You don't get what you want, you get what you picture. And if you don't have a picture, you don't have expectations for yourself. - pg. 32
This book challenges you to clarify your future vision so you’re empowered to walk into everything that’s waiting for you. 

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      My everyday drive turned into empty actions since my accomplishments didn’t serve a larger purpose. I was battling every day to push myself, but didn’t even have a meaningful mission to focus on. Creating a personal mission statement helped me align my every day actions to my bigger picture goals and values. - pg. 39
In this book, I share techniques that helped transform my mindset and increase my internal motivation.  

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Students, Educators, & Community Leaders Resonate With What This Book Offers

Jared Wilson

"Kam's advice helped me... build genuine connections with people... It has a lot of gems."

Reyna Thumbnail.jpg
Reyna Jones

"An amazing piece for students, young adults, teachers... if they want to to better themselves." 

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