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Everyone has a story. 

Don't let yours hold you back.
It makes you powerful.
Use it to help others.

Meet Kam

Kameron Phillips is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and transformative inspirational speaker. His focus on personal  development for students and early career professionals helps increase high school and college graduation rates, career satisfaction, and internal motivation.


Kam is a native of Metro Atlanta, was recruited to play collegiate basketball, and graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from Emory University. Over his career in finance, Kam worked for various banking and investment management companies where he offered guidance to affluent families and foundations on a wide range of topics. As he excelled in the corporate world, Kam realized he needed to pursue his true calling in order to ultimately be fulfilled. He eventually decided to walk away from his finance career so that he could use his gifts to serve others to his full capacity.  


Kam has personally battled with mental health issues, veered on dangerous paths, and conquered many other obstacles. His authenticity, transparency, and relatability allow him to connect with his audience so that they can make informed decisions. Kam finds it his responsibility to positively impact marginalized communities, at-risk students, and help the next generation thrive in the future.

Available Virtually & In-Person

Defining Success
Relationship Skills
Diversity & Inclusion
Overcoming Adversity
Conflict Resolution

1) Gain an understanding of my client’s values, motivations, and aspirations.

2) Help them maximize strengths and recognize potential barriers.


3) Collaborate on plan of action and provide accountability throughout the journey.

Individual and Group Sessions

Community Affiliations

Talents of Our Generation
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Throughout his career, Kam has continually mentored and spoken to middle and high school students at various metro Atlanta schools. Additionally, he has been invited to speak with students at his alma mater, Emory University, for their annual Black alumni & student networking event. Currently, Kam serves on the Board of Directors for the Gwinnett Leadership Forum, a cross sector network of influencers and executive thought leaders within the community that communicate the essence and meaning of true leadership through compelling, impact driven conversations. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Talents of Our Generation, Inc, a non-profit organization that provides mentorship, art programs, and resources to help youth impacted by the Juvenile Justice system to decrease recidivism. Additionally, Kam is a Crew Leader for Gwinnett Young Professionals Journey, a program led by Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce that is designed to elevate the highest potential young professionals in Gwinnett and cultivate the talent that will lead the community.


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