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"Authentic and intriguing."

"We knew we had to find a speaker that would connect with our children. Thankfully, because we attended a webinar where several speakers had experience in youth development, we were able to reach out to one that we thought would make a great impact. We invited Kam Phillips to our Supporting Learning Success Back to School workshop for the students during a Zoom meeting. His presentation was authentic and intriguing. He was relatable for our young audience and the parents enjoyed his presentation as much as the children."

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Kay Holiday

Family Engagement Coordinator

Rainbow Village Inc. - Transitional Housing


Through his captivating story-telling, authentic approach, and relatability to current students, Kam is able to spark a true change in mindset and shift the perspective of his audience. Kam is available to speak to audiences both virtually and in-person.

Available Virtually & In-Person

Speaking Topics

Kam’s speaking incorporates Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) principles to create a foundation for holistic personal and professional development.

Core Values     Diversity & Inclusion     

Conflict Management   Career Alignment   

 Mental Health     Financial Principles

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SEL Topics
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Kam provides professional development workshops and speaking engagements to build young adults and early career professionals into emotionally and financially healthy leaders through the TRUE Change program.

Great for Student or Professional Emotional Wellness

Health & Wealth M.A.G.I.C.

Personal Development is a never-ending cycle. Regardless if we're in the classroom or the workplace, external circumstances will cause us to have internal battles. In order to be sustainably happy, we'll need to address both our emotional & financial wellness throughout our journey.


In Health & Wealth M.A.G.I.C., Kam explains how Mindfulness, Attitude, Gratitude, Inspiration, and your Circle of Support can support you through those times of adversity. 

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Keynote and School Assembly

Values To Vision

Personal discovery starts by creating self-awareness through reflection. Once we establish a moral code to guide our decision making, it spurs internal motivation and provides the guide rails to reaching our goals.

Kam explains the importance of identifying your Core Values, Your Story, Mission Statement, Future Self, and Purpose Driven Goals and the impact they can have on the trajectory of our lives. 

Ideal for Cultural Sensitivity, DE&I, Generational Differences, or Bullying

5 C's of Connection

Establishing, building, and maintaining diverse and inclusive relationships are key both individual and team success. Kam engages his audience to focus on enhancing tools to effectively connect with people of different cultures, races, genders, and life experiences.


The 5 C's Kam includes are Communication Style, Confidence, Community, Conflict Management, and Critical Conversations

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Available Virtually & In-Person

TRUE Chage Programs
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