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& Workshops

Through integrating professional training and personal experiences, Kam creates an environment that sparks transformative growth and intentional action that is culturally relevant and resonates with audiences of different backgrounds.

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Reflective & Engaging Learning Methods

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Authentic & Relatable Connections

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Captivating Storytelling

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Tailored Content

SEL Topics

Topics & Workshop Series

Kam’s speaking and program development topics incorporate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) principles to create a foundation for holistic personal and professional development.

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This series of interactive workshops will help participants develop a framework to support wise and deliberate decision-making and create a solid foundation as they continue to build for their future.


Keynotes, School Assembly, Kick-off Events

Establishing, building, and maintaining healthy relationships are all essential to sustainable success. During this series, participants focus on developing tools to better understand themselves and effectively connect with people of all backgrounds.

Cultural Sensitivity, DE&I, Generational Differences, Team Building

Participants recognize how their mental health can directly impact their monetary wealth. Through self-reflection and exercises that enhance both mental and financial wellness, participants gain tools to help manage their money, emotions, and relationships.

Workplace Wellness, Mental Health, Career Planning

The Book
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The Bigger Picture
A Guide To Personal, Relational, & Emotional Growth

What's your bigger picture? Creating a clear picture of what you want your future to look like, while also dealing with the ups and downs of life, is a tough task. Through intentional self-reflection, challenging what we think we know, and developing effective strategies to hold yourself accountable, The Bigger Picture: A Guide to Personal, Relational, & Emotional Growth will help you feel empowered to excel during those times of adversity. After navigating through childhood struggles to become a nationally-recognized inspirational speaker, Kam Phillips gives young adults a clear framework to enhance their personal development, create healthier relationships, and sustain emotional wellness.

Take A Look Inside...

Your values dictate your decisions. Your decisions form your process. Your process guides your journey. Your journey leads you to your vision. 
This book helps establish guide rails to keep you on track toward your long-term aspirations.

Reflecting on your story not only has the ability to encourage you by remembering everything you’ve already conquered but prepares you to uplift others who can relate to your past.
In Chapter 2, I help you create a layout to articulate the ups and downs of your personal story.

You don't get what you want, you get what you picture. And if you don't have a picture, you don't have expectations for yourself.
This book challenges you to clarify your future vision so you’re empowered to walk into everything that’s waiting for you. 

My everyday drive turned into empty actions since my accomplishments didn’t serve a larger purpose. I was battling every day to push myself, but didn’t even have a meaningful mission to focus on. Creating a personal mission statement helped me align my every day actions to my bigger picture goals and values
In this book, I share techniques that helped transform my mindset and increase my internal motivation.  

Derek Rhodes Testimonial
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TRUE Change Collective helps early-stage, mission-driven organizations create a clear, concise, and structured approach to pursuing their community initiative. By partnering with organizations to clarify their message, establish a digital presence, and develop an implementation strategy, TRUE Change Collective aims to increase impact through collaboration. 

Clarify Your Message. Increase Your Presence. Elevate Your Community.

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