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Mental Health.
Career Success.
Financial Wellness.

For Schools, Communities, & Mission-Driven Organizations

Clients & Partners

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Everyone has a story. 
Don't let yours hold you back.
Use it to help others.

The Kam Phillips Group, in partnership with TRUE Change Inc., specializes in helping community programs, educational institutions, and mission-driven organizations enhance the mental health, emotional intelligence, and career readiness of their emerging talent.

How We Partner With Organizations

Program Development
Curriculum Creation
Speeches & Workshops
Small Group Coaching

Areas of Impact

Increase Career Readiness

Increase Emotional Stability

Increase Graduation Rates

Reduce Employee Turnover

Reduce Disciplinary Issues

Reduce Workplace Stress

Encourage Self-Confidence

Discover Internal Motivation

Provide Strategic Insight

Core Competencies

Social-Emotional Wellness
Life Skills
Workplace Readiness
Financial Literacy

Who We Serve

High Schools | Colleges & Universities |  Community Organizations

Employee Resource Groups | Local Governments | Church-Based Initiatives

Meet The Founder


Kam is a master facilitator, author, and professional speaker pursuing his mission to empower audiences to align their actions with their "Bigger Picture". His authenticity, transparency, and relatability have allowed him to genuinely connect with his audience and become a respected resource in personal and workforce development. After personally battling with mental health challenges while excelling with world-class banking and investment firms, Kam decided to walk away from his corporate career and use his gifts to invest in the next generation.

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