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Speaking Topics

Kam’s core speaking topics center primarily around Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) principles. It is essential to help students address these issues for them to have a productive learning environment.  


"Authentic and intriguing."

"We knew we had to find a speaker that would connect with our children. Thankfully, because we attended a webinar where several speakers had experience in youth development, we were able to reach out to one that we thought would make a great impact. We invited Kam Phillips to our Supporting Learning Success Back to School workshop for the students during a Zoom meeting. His presentation was authentic and intriguing. He was relatable for our young audience and the parents enjoyed his presentation as much as the children."

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Kay Holiday

Family Engagement Coordinator

Rainbow Village Inc. - Transitional Housing

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Through his captivating story-telling, authentic approach, and relatability to current students, Kam is able to spark a true change in mindset and shift the perspective of his audience. Kam is available to speak to audiences both virtually and in-person.

Available Virtually & In-Person

Speaking Topics

Available Virtually & In-Person


Going through school, especially in the time of social media, can bring even the calmest person loads of anxiety. Kam reminds students that even the “coolest” person can be nervous, scared, and have their quirks. Happiness come from being fully authentic and living out of love instead of fear.

Defining Success

Students are always told to strive to be successful, but what does that mean? This often causes youth to chase the wrong things then veer onto a dangerous path. Kam's messages on self-realization are essential to effective goal setting, knowing your "why", and keeping the big picture in mind.

Relationship Skills

Although classrooms can be impactful, the personal relationships students have outside of school can have an even larger impact on their learning. Kam discusses with students how to navigate relationships with friends, parents, mentors, and significant others so they can filter and reevaluate healthy intentions.

Overcoming Adversity

The ability to ask for help, forgive yourself, conquer addictions, persevere through adversity, and have gratitude for events outside of your control requires real strength. Kam shares personal testimonies so students can escape the power of shame, not judge themselves, and have the strength to elevate above their current circumstances.

Diversity & Inclusion

Kam has benefited from the privilege of attending extremely diverse schools and interacting with people of various cultures. Unfortunately, the diversity of the schools didn’t exempt them from the negative influences of systematic racial structures. Kam encourages students to get out of their comfort zones and discusses implicit bias, navigating the world as a minority, and empathy for others with different backgrounds.     

Conflict Resolution

Whether it’s aggressive behavior that leads to bullying or disagreements working within a team, knowing how to confront others in a respectful and productive manner is a habit that students must develop. Kam’s messages on acknowledging emotions, controlling reactions, and having respectful conversations will help students build communication skills and avoid unnecessary arguments.