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Do It Scared: Stop Holding Yourself Back.

When was the last time you talked yourself out of doing something because of fear?

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t credit fear at the moment. It might have been the “logical” decision. Not the right time. Didn’t have the energy. Or after a passionate internal debate, you decided it “isn’t that serious.”

I’m not sure what that “it” is for you. Maybe it’s moving to a different city, but the fear of not finding friends keeps you from changing your environment. It could be telling that special person how you really feel or allowing yourself to get close to someone, but the fear of heart break causes you to keep them at a distance. It might be giving actual effort at your job or classes, but you’re scared you’ll look dumb if you try then fail. Or even putting in the work to start your own thing, but the fear of it not working out makes you delay it year after year.

I’ve always prided myself as being strategic, logical, and able to “take emotion out of decisions”. I eventually realized…emotions are always a factor in decisions. Especially fear. If we can’t (or won’t) acknowledge the underlying emotions, then we’re allowing them to control us without even realizing it.

Fear is a complicated, sneaky, scary, and powerful emotion. The only way I was able to conquer it was by focusing on something even more powerful…Love.

Even though they’re emotions, fear and love both require you to make a choice. How are you going to react when you have that sick feeling in your stomach? What do you do when something is constantly on your mind? Are you going to move forward pursuing it? Or are you going pretend the feeling doesn’t exist and figure out a “logical” reason to stay in your current situation.

If you really love something, you do it scared. Honestly, most of the time if it’s not a little scary, it’s not even worth it to me. And here’s a secret…the fear isn’t going anywhere until you actually do “it”. Pull the trigger. Take the risk. Shoot your shot.

Do it because you love yourself. You’re not meant to be average. You’re not meant to be unhappy. You’re called to elevate! You’re called to evolve into the best version of yourself and step into sustainable happiness. And in order to do that, you have to get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, and allow your actions to be guided by love instead of fear.

Do it scared. It’s worth it.

Much love,


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